Tree Trimming Services

Pro Lawn Care experts understand that trees are one of your landscape’s most valuable assets. Along with tree trimming and tree pruning, we also offer the removal of unwanted or dead trees, stump grinding and ongoing maintenance.

DFW Tree Trimming Services

Tree trimming and tree pruning are essential to the health of your trees. Eliminating deadwood and overgrowth improve the well being of a tree, and can also enhance the tree’s natural beauty and the beauty of your property.

DFW Tree Removal Services

When tree removal becomes necessary, our skilled crew will carefully remove the tree in sections so that no harm comes to any of the surrounding landscape. Pro Lawn Care pros grind the tree stump and its surrounding roots to clear out the area so that a replacement tree can be planted or new landscape installed.

Our tree services include:

Tree Trimming
Tree Pruning
Crown Pruning
Crown Reduction
Delicate Tree Trimming
Tree Branch Removal
Tree Removal
Stump Grinding
Tree Installation & Design